1. Memangun resep teyasing sasomo (kita selalu membuat senang hati orang lain.2. Jroning suko kudu eling lan waspodo (didalam suasana riang kita harus tetap waspada).3. Laksitaning subroto tan nyipto marang pringgo bayaning lampah (dalam perjalanan utk mencapai cita2 luhur kita tidak perduli dengan segala bentuk rintangan).4. Meper hardaning pancadriya (kita harus selalu menekan gelora hawa nafsu).5. heneng-hening-henung (dlm keadaan diam kita akan memperoleh keheningan dan dalam keheningan itulah kita akan mencapai cita2 luhur).6. Mulyo guno panca waktu (suatu kebahagiaan lahir bathin hanya bisa kita capai dengan sholat 5 waktu) 7. Menehono teken marang wong kang wuto, menehono mangan marang wong kang luwe, menehono busono marang wong kang wudo, menehono ngiyup marang wong kang kedanan (berilah ilmu agar org menjadi pintar, sejahterakanlah kehidupan masyarakat yg miskin, ajarilah kesusilaan pd org tdk punya malu, serta beri perlindungan org yg menderita).

Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

sweet corn cultivation-3

Common Problems

Diseases: Stewart's wilt (bacterial disease spread by flea beetle); smut (especially on white varieties); stunt (transmitted by leafhopper)
Insects: corn earworm, European corn borer, flea beetle, Japanese beetle (eats silks), corn sap beetle (damages kernels after husk is loosened)
Other: birds eating seed, raccoons eating mature ears of corn, gardener's impatience (picking too soon)
Cultural: poor kernel development (failure to fill out to the tip) caused by dry weather during silking stages, planting too close, poor fertility (especially potassium deficiency), or too few rows in block resulting in poor pollination. Lodging (falling over) from too much nitrogen.

Harvesting and Storage

Days to Maturity: 63 to 100
Harvest: when husk is still green, silks dry-brown, kernels full size, and yellow or white color to the tip of the ear; and at "milky" stage (use thumbnail to puncture a kernel - if liquid is clear the corn is immature, if milky it's ready, and if no sap, you're too late). Cover unharvested ears checked by this method with paper bag to prevent insect or bird damage. Experienced gardeners can feel the outside of the husk and tell when the cob has filled out. Corn matures 17 to 24 days after first silk strands appear; more quickly in hot weather, slower in cool weather.
Approximate Yields (per 10 feet of row): 5 to 10 pounds or roughly 10 to 20 ears
Amount To Raise per Person: : 20 to 30 pounds or about 40 to 60 ears
Storage: refrigerate immediately to prevent sugars from turning to starch; cold (32F), moist (95% RH) conditions; will keep four to eight days, but standard varieties will become starchy after a few days
Preservation: frozen on cob or off; canned

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